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Gary Boat ClubGary Boat Club Gary Boat Club

This is a nascent Web-page of Gary Boat Club material. When Ogden Dunes, Indiana, began to be developed, the property also included a noncontiguous parcel of land on both sides of the mouth of the North Arm of Burns Ditch (commonly referred to simply as Burns Ditch, ignoring the East & West Arms of Burns Ditch). A private boat harbor was envisioned for there but never built, that land eventually being sold. Later a boat club was created, which eventually built docks along the west bank of the outlet and also a clubhouse on the Lake Michigan beach. The club's history may eventually find its way up here. For now, you'll have to settle for looking at these various pix featuring the Gary Boat Club. Most of these were provided by Tom Tittle.
North Arm of Burns Ditch looking south same image different angle defective version of alternate snapshotsnapshot of aerial view mural
North Arm of Burns Ditch looking northeast Ditch mouth has changed same image same image different angle close-up North Arm of Burns Ditch looking east
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Ogden Dunes history
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